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Handmade Headpiece
    • French Beaded Flowers Hair Accessories in Red and Pink, for Chinese Wedding
    • $24.00 USD
      French Beaded Flowers Hair Accessories in Red and Pink in rose gold tones, perfect for Chinese Wedding. This beaded flowers bridal headpiece has made of  combining the techniques of French beading and traditional Millinery. The funny contrast of big and small flowers, adorned by two natural pearls twigs, bring a perfect balance of the whole headpiece, perfectly adorns a range...
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    • Porcelain Lily in Swarovski Crystals Branches Handmade Bridal Headpiece in Rose Gold
    • $45.00 USD
      This highly elegant handmade bridal headpiece features the lily porcelain clay flowers, flanked by numerous sparkling Swarovski crystal elements and shinny natural pearls as natural leaf branches and seeds, in soft rose gold tones. We use traditional millinery, as well as clay flowers making skills to finish this wedding hair accessories, exuding exceptional beauty, which suitable in various bridal hairstyles and matching...
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    • Belle Bridal Jewellery, wholesales and bespoke bridal couture, bridal headpieces and tiaras, bridal jewelry and accessories worldwide.
    • $41.00 USD
      This handmade bridal headpiece underscores the traditional millinery techniques the designer have. The piece uses rhinestone filigrees, Swarovski pearls and crystals in pleasing arrangement and is highlighted by small little rose gold pearls, bringing the whole wedding hair accessory in light blush tones, perfectly adorns a range of bridal hairstyles on wedding day.  materials: Swarovski pearls, Swarovski elements, Swarovski crystals, Navette...
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