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Handmade Headpiece
    • Rustic flower cluster wedding headpiece, French beaded flower hair comb, rustic bridal headpiece
    • $30.00 USD
      When beaded flowers meet laces. This rustic flower cluster wedding headpiece is a fusion of various textures and materials such as laces, rhinestones and beads. The French beaded peony and cherry blossoms in gold, rose gold and white tones are made as centerpiece, further accented by twigs of opal navatte and rhinestones. This irresistant beauty is irresistable to purchase! materials: laces, Japanese...
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    • Pink French Beaded Flower Cluster Hair Accessory for Brides and Bridesmaids, Handmade Headpiece
    • $33.00 USD
      This pinky flower cluster has combined the techniques of French beading and traditional millinery. The arrangement of  the four flowers in the centre add the dimensions of the whole art piece. It is a perfect adornment for a range of bridal hairstyles, and any occasions.  materials: Japanese beads, simulated pearls, brass handmade piece sold by one pin crown size: 115(W) x 60(H)mmModel#HP8632  ...
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    • French Beaded Flowers Hair Accessories in Red and Pink, for Chinese Wedding
    • $24.00 USD
      French Beaded Flowers Hair Accessories in Red and Pink in rose gold tones, perfect for Chinese Wedding. This beaded flowers bridal headpiece has made of  combining the techniques of French beading and traditional Millinery. The funny contrast of big and small flowers, adorned by two natural pearls twigs, bring a perfect balance of the whole headpiece, perfectly adorns a range...
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