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Belle Bridal Jewellery is specialising in bridal/ wedding accessories and jewellery. Belle Bridal focuses on both retail and wholesale arms with clear product positioning and differentiations, while offering the best lowest prices without compromising the quality. The shop features the best quality materials as the basic elements of the jewellery/ accessories such as natural pearls, silk, silver, gold, Swarovski elements, cubic zirconia. We also accept bespoke order to customize accessories per customers' requests.

The company originates from a group of university students in 2008 in Wales as they share the same vision to adore Celtic culture and its deep meanings, wanting to promote it to across the world. The interlaced patterns of Celtic Knots translate to different meanings around love, friendship, loyalty, wisdom, power, motherhood and religions. Each pattern has its deep meaning and is connected with either romantic, mythical or interesting stories behind. Each design is rhetoric, sophisticated and artistic, wearing them will let the wearer radiate a very unique and exquisite beauty and can blend with different kinds of outfits.

We also want to dedicate affordable sterling silver jewellery to people WHO LOVE SILVER – a moldable, shiny and valuable metal, with stylish and timeless designs for daily wearing. The team also strives to scout for different materials such as precious stones to blend with silver to create masterpieces to be worn by our customers.