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Porcelain Lily in Swarovski Crystals Branches Handmade Bridal Headpiece in Rose Gold

Product Descriptions

This highly elegant handmade bridal headpiece features the lily porcelain clay flowers, flanked by numerous sparkling Swarovski crystal elements and shinny natural pearls as natural leaf branches and seeds, in soft rose gold tones. We use traditional millinery, as well as clay flowers making skills to finish this wedding hair accessories, exuding exceptional beauty, which suitable in various bridal hairstyles and matching a range of bridal and prom dresses and jewelry during the wedding day. 

materials: pink natural pearls, cold porcelain clay, Swarovski crystals, Japanese beads
handmade piece
crown size (without comb): 13.0(W) x 7.5(H)cm


$45.00 USD
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