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Natural Keshi Pearls Flower Pins Set Bridal Headpiece in Blush Tones

Product Descriptions

This pearls only bridal headpiece pin set is set in soft blush tones featuring Keshi pearl flowers and pearls wired to the natural shape of vines.  The slight pink tones are created by the tiny little pink pearls, bringing the whole wedding hair accessory to live and standout. This trio set of handmade pearl headpiece is perfect as prom and bridal jewelry and adorns flexibly with a range of wedding hairstyles by unlimited arrangement. 

materials: Freshwater Keshi pearls, pink rice pearls, white rice pearls 
handmade piece
qty: 3 pieces set 
crown size (without comb): approx. 4.0(W) x 8.0(H)cm each

$54.00 USD
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