Necklace Size Guide

The right necklace or pendant will add style to anything she wears. In addition to being a fashionable gift, giving her a necklace gives you the opportunity to perform the classically romantic gesture of putting it around her neck for the first time.

 In general, a necklace is defined as any type of chain or length of precious metal or gems. They are also available in pendant styles that feature a single jewel, pearl or charm, usually suspended from a chain.  


Chains go with everything. A fine white gold plated chain in a choker length will add just a touch of shine. Consider giving her an 18-inch, sterling silver or 18k gold chain to add an element of visual interest to her wardrobe. All chains at Silver Point use 925 sterling silver as the base metal.


When selecting a necklace or pendant, consider that the length will determine where it will lie on her chest.

16” (40cm) Choker length:
Just above collarbones. Emphasizes her neckline.

18” (45cm) Princess length:
Hangs over collarbones. The most common length.

20” (50cm) length:
Falls a few inches below the collarbone, perfect for a low, plunging neckline.




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